Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Mask-Making

The Team and I have been in the shop this week making masks and puppets.  Thought I'd share a few images:

White Buffalo Woman and a flock of birds.

The Chronopage (time-eating grasshopper).

Antikythera Mechanism in a suitcase, a manatee, and Samantha's freaky bird mask.

Coyote goes through a big transformation in the show.  Mostly, he wears the mangy-looking mask on the left.  But when he heals, he wears the fur hat on the right.  I'll also be making him a fur bow tie.  Very Noel Coward.

Kristen's amazing tiger mask.

Fiona making her bunny mask - which ended up being covered in millet.

The whole crew.

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