Friday, February 20, 2009

Remembering Inspiration

I just read a beautiful essay on inspiration from John Marshall Roberts.  Here's the kicky part:

We live in a mind-blowing time where a critical mass of people are becoming disenchanted with the old ways, and are actively seeking new ways, or contexts, for living. We seem to be collectively unwilling to continue pretending as though there is nothing more to us than just a temporary body and a pleasure-seeking mind. We seem to be craving something deeper and more sustainable, not just in terms of our outer environment, but also our inner environments. We seem to be ready to reclaim our birthright—the natural state of inspiration that all those years of forcing and persuading bred right out of us.

As we move forward, we'll learn that our biggest barrier to reclaiming this higher ground and seizing this opportunity rests not in the world outside us, but in our inner willingness to let go of the cynicism that we've accrued to protect ourselves from an apparently dangerous, threatening world. Martin Luther King's "fierce urgency of now" is but the recognition that we are bigger than our piddling fears, and are finally willing to yield to a deeper voice that knows the way. This voice is inspiration, and whenever we meet we either share it or lose it together.

Go for it.

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