Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet The Team

For the first round of development on this new piece (working title: Long Now), I'm collaborating with a group of high school students from the Walden Project - a program created by the Willowell Foundation, an organization dedicated to integrating the sciences, arts, and humanities into place-based education.  

Note of Transparency: I'm on the Willowell Board.

The students are all encouraged to do internships with members of the community, and so these guys are working with me.

Fiona, Kristen, and Noah

They're all very smart, insightful, and extremely good writers.  I've never created a piece this way before, and we're all figuring it all out on the fly.  Hopefully they'll be patient with me.  As you can see, to get on their good side, I feed them lunch and large amounts of tea.

Right before Christmas, I told them about the Antikythera Mechanism - an ancient Greek clockwork found at the bottom of the Aegean which calculates astronomical cycles, and which is one of the inspirational sources for the show.

Fiona wrote a very funny poem in response:

Aegeus, they found your clock. I find it difficult to pity you, because you put it in the most obvious hiding spot. Did you really think they wouldn’t look in your sea?

Medea, they found your sword. It seems to have fallen off your chariot. The C.S.I.’s scurried in and took it away to be finger printed. As if they really had to venture a guess at who’s DNA was on it. As you often remind us, you are an unlucky woman.

Hera, they found your magic lipstick. Not that it’s a big deal, but now Sephora is mass producing it and all those mortal bitches will know your secret.

Zeus, we’re getting you a court date. Hope you can find your most serious toga. It’s a shame that you have to be humiliated but you shouldn’t have raped all those wood nymphs.  

Looking forward to seeing what else they come up with.

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