Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wake Up, Freak Out - Then Get A Grip

"I'm afraid I am an environmentalist, although I don't think the term quite covers what drives the climate activists of today. We're not talking about coral reefs and polar bears any more (although they'll be first up against the wall): we're talking about changes that will impact on every single other issue of morality or social justice.

I believe that social and political change on the scale necessary remains achievable. But the timeframe is unbelievably urgent, and the scale of the challenge so vast and epic, that I campaign at the sharp end of radical climate activism, with groups and networks like
Plane Stupid and Climate Camp.

I think peaceful, direct action is rational, reasonable, responsible and necessary in the face of this issue; indeed, it is the only truly proportionate thing an individual can do in response to the very real threat of the end of the world as we know it."

- Leo Murray, Director, Wake Up, Freak Out - Then Get A Grip

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